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Be Well Member Spotlight: J-Hub Consulting


Be Well is a first of its kind, professional group designed to create a community among multidisciplinary health and wellness professionals. Our members range from hospitals to solo practitioners working together to create a community of excellence in health and wellness!

Today we are going to highlight one of our current Be Well Members Jenni Hubby of J-Hub Consulting. Jenni Hubby is a certified professional coach and consultant. Her program transforms hopes and dreams into reality and fulfillment. Learn a little more about Jenni below:

1-Tell us a little more about J- Hub Consulting.

Currently I am recording an awesome series of real life podcasts from my office highlighting emerging adults, their challenges, and their amazing opportunities to create the life they want.  Our podcasts will be fun, and provocative at the same time; just like life. I am very passionate about young adults because they are our future leaders. Like my Facebook page to receive the Podcast schedule.

J-Hub Consulting consists of my CFO and me (JHub is my nickname). As a professional coach, I believe in individual purpose and abundance.  I bring to light each client’s unique strengths, and their power to achieve their goals. Through my evidence-based coaching process, my clients are transformed by shifting their limiting beliefs to unlimited possibilities.

I am blessed to do this work; assisting clients in the transformation from frustrated and stuck to excited and ready to embrace a life of unique purpose and abundance.

2-What made you decide to get into life coaching?

Having spent many years working hard, exceeding goals, achieving awards and making money, I wound up burned out, frustrated and addicted to alcohol. In reviewing my life, I found I had lost vision and purpose.  I was stuck; successful yet frustrated.  Why was I working hard for others’ visions and missions, etc.? What was my vision and purpose?  My work with a coach helped me find my answer.  My purpose is helping others connect to their purpose.  In fact, I vividly remember in 2007 giving my 17 year-old daughter and her friends my sage advice: “don’t work 20 years and then finally find the work you love. Find it now!”

3-How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?

I love this question because I’ve seen the benefits of therapy, counseling and psychiatry which are necessary to address diagnosed disorders and help clients recover and learn ways to live and thrive with existing diagnoses. Many mental health professionals refer clients to me to assist in articulating and achieving their future goals. This is a big difference; in coaching the client establishes the goals for the coaching program, and for each coaching session. Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client to achieve the goals the client has set forth. I utilize a coaching process based on neuroscience whereby the client identifies blocks to success, and replaces blocks with authentic power. From this foundation we partner on strategies and accountabilities that achieve authentic and meaningful success for each individual client.

4- Give us a day in the life of a life coach.

Hmm, well, if varies of course. On my “coaching days” I meet with clients all day long. Most clients meet with me via phone or virtual face-to-face sessions via the Internet. Clients absolutely love working with me by phone. Some live outside of Texas, and all clients enjoy my traffic-free appointment with no delays. (: Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes, in which I am 100% focused on the client getting what they want from the session. We celebrate “wins”, check in on accountabilities, and then get to work on their goal! I generally leave 15-30 minutes between client sessions to stretch my body and mind and get prepared for the next client. When I work in my home office, I am able to check on my dogs, Lacey and Blaze, and throw the ball with them a bit. It’s wonderful that I am able to have this life!

Several days per week are dedicated to events outside of my office such as charity Board meetings and committee meetings to help plan events and raise funds related to my personal passion of furthering mental health and addiction recovery.  I meet with therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists to catch up with them, connect them with services in the community, and understand whom to refer to each other.

5- What does your ideal or typical client look like?

My clients are young adults that are launching their independence, and adults in transition such as addiction recovery, career, marital status, empty nest, etc.  I also help entrepreneurs launch their business. The common theme is; successful yet frustrated because they are stuck is some area(s) of their life or business. My clients are ready to do the work to remove blocks and achieve success that is authentic, impactful and meaningful. At times personal and business goals merge together, especially for business owners. If you know someone that is ready to get going on his or her vision, then I’m the coach!

If you would like to know more about Jenni Hubby or J-Hub Consulting visit her website at jhubconsulting.com.

Stay tuned for more Be Well Member Spotlights!

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